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Are you getting a good deal for your solar system?

When you’re buying a solar system, are you getting a good deal? Or rather, what is a good deal?

You know you are paying for the standard solar system package that includes the inverter, panels, accessories, mounting and installation. What you may not know, is that there will be further additional costs later on, as like any repair cost for any faulty parts, the unprofessional design. Therefore make sure you get the following for a good deal:


  1. Good Design

The roof of every house is unique and needs to be treated as such. Hence a well thought out layout is extremely important accompanied by ideal products. This requires both knowledge and experience with solar products to make a well-informed decision for your property. The difference between designs will create a difference in solar energy production, a good design will guarantee more generations and increases your savings and solar buy-back!


  1. Reliable company history

It comes to a simple question: will solar systems break down during the warranty period? The answer is: YES, very likely. If the solar system breaks down, what needs to be done? you may need an electrician to come and check and fill the tech warranty form. You will also have to wait for the replacement unit/part and then have the electrician come back again to fix the problem/ install the replacement. If the original installation company is still around, this can cost you very little to even nothing. However, if the company is no longer in business (which is very common in this industry), it can cost you hundreds or even thousands.

We suggest customers compare around. Be aware that there are always companies that purposely close and reopen later on to avoid warranty issues. Be careful!


Please read these tips from this blog article to help you compare companies:

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