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Solar Battery System

Reduce your energy bills and battery-power your home

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Why choose a solar battery ?

Batteries are increasingly popular for new solar installations in Australia. They capture and store unused energy generated by your solar panels for you to use at night.

With a solar battery system, you can join a VPP (Virtual Power Plant) – a network of connected solar batteries that can be coordinated like a pop-up power plant.


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Benefits of joining a VPP

Put simply, being part of a VPP program helps you supercharge the benefits of your home solar and battery system.

Not only will you receive monetary rewards for helping support the grid through the excess electricity stored in your battery, but you’ll also be helping to create a cleaner, smarter and more reliable energy system for the future.

Solar + Battery System VS Solar System Only

Benefits of Our VPP Plan

Solar System + Battery

Solar System Only

Highest Feed-In Tariff (FIT) – up to 45c/kwh

Energy Trading (Earn additional $5.00/kwh* from supply demand spot price trading. )

Quicker Return on Investment on solar & storage system

Lower Energy Consumption

Discounts rate applied to your usage charges

What is a Solar feed-in tariff?
Solar feed-in tariffs (FIT) are the payment made to solar owners for the energy they generate and send back into the grid. FIT also known as a ‘buy back rates’ or ‘solar tariffs’

What is Energy Trading and spot price?
When the grid experiences too much sudden demand and not enough supply, the cost of energy in the market can spike within a 5-minute window to a premium price. This spot price is the potential revenue you can make from trading your excess solar through VPP

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Choosing the RIGHT company for your Solar Battery Storage installation

With 15 years of experience, Aussie Hybrid Solar has installed more than 300k solar panels and counting. We have slashed electricity bills for 6500+ households and many businesses across Greater Sydney, NSW & ACT.

If you are thinking about a solar system or a solar + battery system for your home or commercial property, We are help to help.

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Join our VPP to maximise the benefits of your solar + battery storage system

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What others are saying about us

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Excellent experience with sales Minho. He is really nice to explain all the question I asked. That is why I have installed a 6.6kW system with Huawei inverter with him. The Huawei product went good, I spent some of days on watching generating capacity, and it can reach almost 40kWH in sunny day. That is more than I expected.
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We compared 8 companies then decided to go with Aussie Hybrid Solar. This company is awesome. professional in consulting. no problem with the install. And the solar system is working great! I suggest anyone who is looking for solar to give them a call.
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I like the way they approached us - we received offers from 5 companies. Aussie Hybrid Solar is the only company visited us. And surprisingly, they are the only company with a proper setup warehouse. I actually suggest everyone who is looking for solar to visit solar companies offices. So many scams! Anyway, Aussie Hybrid Solar is Great! Highly recommended!
Aromatherapy Associates
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Jason and his team delivered a great job for our solar panels. Very professional service and explained everything in detailed. We'd highly recommend people who is looking reliable company for Solar!Anyway, Aussie Hybrid Solar is Great! Highly recommended!
Hang Yao
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Very impressed & pleased with Aussie Hybrid Solar. They have made our solar installation seamless. Great service, planning and support, the app is user friendly, the installation was timely and professional. The panels look great! Great quality product, I highly recommend Aussie Hybrid Solar.
Hock Eng Lim
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Very impressed & pleased with Aussie Hybrid Solar. GREAT Service! Jason is professional and explained the product very well. Price is very reasonable with the high quality panels we asked for. And lastly, they delivered such a great job! Clean and efficient! Highly Recommended to anyone need a good solar!
Tony Wepiha
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Very impressed & pleased with Aussie Hybrid Solar. I am ultra happy with Aussie Hybrid Solar’s service. Installation was very smooth. My enquiries were always answered thoroughly by their office. I’m so happy with the whole process! Thank you Aussie Hybrid Solar!​
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Very excellent service, answered my various questions friendly and got the work done professionally. This is a company running the business for long time in their industry so has a lot of experience, they proposed a few solutions and helped me choose the more suitable and cost effective one. A friend recommended it to me and i am quite satisfied with my decision. Strongly recommended :)​
Asma Khaldi
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I had great experince with aussie hybrid solar, they were perfessional in installing the pannels and it was time effeicent. since the day of the intallation i had been getting cheaper bills. im really happy for with their product.

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