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Risen Solar

Risen Energy is a leading, global tier 1 manufacturer of high-performance photovoltaic products. They provide complete solutions for residential, commercial and utility-scale power generation.


At Aussie Hybrid Solar, we offer reliable, high performance, tailored solar solutions for residential and commercial sites in Sydney and NSW. Risen Solar photovoltaic products are among the most powerful and cost-effective in the industry.

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Risen 370 Mono Solar Panel

Risen RSM132-6 370W PERC Mono 132half-cells Black 35mm MC4 EVO2 (RSM132-6-370M)

Risen 390 Mono Solar Panel

Risen RSM40-8 390W Mono PERC 120 cells Black 30mm 1.2m Cable MC4 EVO2 (RSM40-8-390M)

Risen 450 Mono Solar Panel

Risen RSM144-7 450W PERC Mono 144half-cells sliver 35mm MC4 EVO2 1200mm DC cable(RSM144-7-450M)


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