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Jinko Solar

Jinko Solar is one of the largest and most innovative solar system manufacturers in the world. Jinko provide products to both commercial and residential customers throughout Australia.

Jinko Solar

At Aussie Hybrid Solar, we provide state of the art, highly efficient and reliable Jinko Solar products. We are committed to helping our customers in Sydney and throughout NSW to achieve the highest possible operational efficiency.

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Jinko 370 Mono Solar Panel

Jinko Tiger 370 PERCMono TR 132half-cell 35mm


Jinko 390 Mono Solar Panel

Jinko Tiger 390W PERCMono TR 132half-cell ALLBlack 35mm MC4 N-Type (JKM390N-6RL3-B)


Jinko 535 Mono Solar Panel

Jinko Tiger Pro 535W PERCMono 144 Halfcell Sliver 35mm 1400mm cable PV-JK03M (JKM535M-72HL4-V)


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