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Solar Panel System

Solar panels harness free solar energy from the sun.

Battery Hybrid System

Stores excess solar power to use in the evening or later. You can send excess energy back to the grid when fully charged.

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 with self-sustaining solar power today.

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Choosing a solar power system

Deciding on getting a solar power system is a big deal.


Whether you need a battery hybrid system, dual tracking inverter or just a basic system, we are here to help you in choosing the right one at the lowest price.

Benefits of solar systems

Give us a call to find out all benefits of a solar power system.


We have 10+ year industry experience about the advantages of getting solar, return on investment, reducing your energy bills and how solar allows you to be self-sustaining.

Since 2009...

Why Aussie Hybrid Solar

We have been installing solar since 2009 under the name of JT Solar. Having established a great reputation as one of the longest solar installers in Australia.


We have installed more than 200k solar panels and counting.

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