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Did you find Aussie Hybrid Solar in different webpages?

We have been contacted by some customers as when they searched “Aussie Hybrid Solar” in the search engine (i.e. Google), they were directed to another company’s webpage.

After our investigating, we found a newly founded solar company has been using our Business Name in their google advertisement:

If you notice the images provided, the URL link points to a company called Solar Power Nation.

Aussies Hybrid Solar is the registered business name under JT Solar Pty Ltd (established in March 2009). We are one of the pioneers in Australian solar industry. It is disappointing to see a newly started company conducting such activities. We have contacted Google about it. Unfortunately, we are unable to receive any positive resolution from Google, yet. We will keep this post updated.


Update (29/12/2017)

Through several discussion with Google, unfortunately, this issue has not been resolved.

This blog was created to give an insight to customers about the true nature of the service they may request. However, at Aussie Hybrid Solar, our main goal is to provide the best service to our customers and not let them be confused by newly established companies using our name.



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