Why Go Solar ?

Generate free power – reduce your utility bills

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Benefits From Going Solar

Solar is the right choice.

Lower Electricity Bills

Once your solar system has been installed, you are automatically generating your own electricity. Which means, your household’s electricity bills are reduced.

Smart Remote Monitoring

Systems pay for themselves in electricity savings. Protect yourself against rising electricity costs (expected to rise 40% over the next 10 years)

Benefits from going solar

Remotely monitor energy usage, insights and load management on your mobile phone or computer. Be in control of your energy consumption.


The invisible impact we have on our eco-system drives us to create a future with cleaner renewable energy. We can do this together.

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How Solar Power Works


Solar Panels

Solar panels harness free solar energy from the sun.



The inverter converts the solar energy into power.



Stores excess solar power to use in the evening or later. You can send excess energy back to the grid when fully charged.


Power Meter

Excess energy created by your solar system will flow into the utility grid though the meter.


Power Grid

Excess energy created by your solar system will flow through the power grid allowing you to get a credit on your energy bill. 

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