Jinko Solar Panels Review

Jinko Solar Introduction

Jinko solar is one of the worlds leading tier 1 solar panels company.

Founded in 2006, they are known for being high-quality, yet very affordable. Their popularity is slowly surpassing a lot of tier 1 panels in the same class and that is truly because of the positive feedback throughout the years from consumers.

The Eagle PERC module has a high module efficiency of up to 18.33% which is on par with many tier 1 panels in the market right now, at the same time maintaining the best value and affordability.

Jinko Solar is currently ranked top 3 tier 1 solar panel company in the world.

Key Figures

      • Over 15,000 employees globally
      • With 24 sales offices in 23 countries
      • Over 12GW of products deployed
      • Polycrystalline cell efficiency of 20.13%
      • 10 yr. product guaranteed by PowerGuard
      • 25 yr. performance guaranteed by PowerGuard
      • World 3rd largest crystalline module manufacturer

Jinko 315w panels limited time promotion ending in 2 weeks.

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