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Tips for Choosing the RIGHT Solar Company for Your Home in NSW

It is very important to choose the RIGHT company before investing your time and money!


1. Company License

There are a number of requirements that you should be aware of before advertising, contracting, and/or installing solar panels.

Only the holder of a building or electrical class of license can contract in NSW to install solar panels on the roof of a residential property or other premises. Below is the link from the Government Official website where you can check the license:

Service NSW – Search License


2. Company History

Company history reflects the nature of the company. (In our opinion, a company that has been established for more than 7 years is the ones can be trusted)

Many solar companies go through voluntary cessation to avoid liabilities so it’s important that you do your background check!

Here is a link of Australian Government Official website available to the public for history checks on companies.

ABN History Lookup

How to check? IT’S SIMPLE!

  1. Access the free web page via the link above
  2. Put in the business/company name e.g. Aussie Hybrid Solar
  3. There will be a list of results closest to the search title, click the one that you wanted.
  4. Read through the information listed (focusing mostly on established date)


Pirate companies can promise you the world but, in the end, cannot even provide the simplest form of support. So, beware of these companies and always do the background and ABN checks.






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