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4 Important Factors You Must consider Before choosing a solar system

Considering getting a solar system installed? Are you bombarded with too many brands and companies? Getting confused with product warranties? This article will provide you with the most important factors that you should consider to ensure you install a reliable quality system.

  1. Not only does the brand matter, but the model does too. Choosing a reputable company and brand is important but choosing the right product model is more important. Most manufacturers are very known and do have good products but that really depends on the product model.


  1. Your roof plays an important role. Every house has a unique combination of roof orientation, material, and size. So, consider how many panels can actually fit on your roof, if your roof material can actually handle panel installations and if the panels may face implications such as shading or need for tilting. Most implications will lead you to further consider additional products such as DC optimizers or micro inverters – a smart system. Determining the Cabling length is also imperative. All very important points to consider.

Solar Power Systems will break down. Do not leave yourself unprotected

  1. A reasonable price. The Price you are paying for your solar system will include installation, and as well as after installation care and warranty service. Since the inverter is an electrical device with a standard 5-year warranty, it will at some point fail. From industry experience, inverter failures and issues are very common. If its still under warranty you can get the original installation company to fix or replace it. Otherwise, you may need to request someone else to inspect, file a claim and reinstall a replacement inverter, which can cost you a couple of hundreds to thousands. It is also very common for solar companies to face involuntary cessation after 3 years for many reasons such as avoiding liability. So, ensure you choose a company that will be there to support you in the future when you need to process a warranty claim.


  1. Are you considering getting a battery? A Battery can greatly improve the efficiency of your solar system. Batteries are a very convenient investment, especially for night owls! yet they are very costly. Click here to be redirected to our blog for more information on battery.




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