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Why you should consider getting a Solar Battery System

You might be wondering about the difference between a solar battery system and a normal solar system. Listed below in this article is our thoughts on why you should consider getting a solar battery system.

Solar batteries stores excess power from solar systems

You already know that solar panels collect energy from the sun and turn it into electricity, which is then passed through the inverter and converted into energy that you can then use to power your property. A good feature to also know about having a solar system is that your system can produce more than needed electricity. But where does that electricity go? That is where the battery comes into play. Excess power generated by your system will be safely stored in the battery. Without a battery, the excess power will then be sent back to the grid with a lot less value.

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The Benefits of Having Batteries

A common misconception is that solar batteries are only used at night. Not completely True though. The energy stored in batteries can be used whenever energy demands exceed the output from renewable energy sources, meaning free electricity when there is not enough sun.

You get to use your solar energy both at night and during the day. It will greatly improve the usage efficiency of the solar power system.

Batteries – May Offer a Better ROI

When you need external power from the grid you pay an average of 30c per kWh (NSW-2018). However, sending the power back to the grid, you earn a rate ranging from 0.11 – 15c/kWh (NSW-2018). From an investment point of view, instead of giving the power to the grid for half (or even less) than the value paid to consume extra power, simply installing a battery will permit you to use your own free, unused power previously saved up, which is equivalent to an average of 30c/kWh.

A standard 5kW solar system’s usage efficiency is between 40%-70% depending on many factors. Solar power is not stable for many reasons such as weather, time, etc. There might be times during the day that you may require more power than your solar system generates and other days it simply just does not produce enough. This is why batteries are handy, they store that excess power for future use whenever the battery has not been fully discharged. A solar power system with hybrid batteries installed can lift the solar energy usage efficiency to between 80%-100%.

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