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Solar Panel (Silicon Module) Super League

The Silicon Module Super League is a big group of crystalline silicon module suppliers in the solar industry. They consist of 7 major multi-GW module suppliers in the solar panel industry. It includes Brands such as:
  • Canadian Solar
  • GCL ( a solar polycrystalline silicon manufacturer)
  • Hanwha Q-CELLS
  • JA Solar
  • Jinko Solar 
  • LONGi (a leading monocrystalline module manufacturer) 
  • Trina Solar
Here at Aussie hybrid solar, we carry 6/7 of the solar brands found in the super league.
Why are they called Super League? 
SMSL group members have held the PV efficiency record and their achievements are quite notable in the industry. They have set benchmarks for all PV module suppliers in the industry today. SMSL shipments are highly in demand in the global end-market now. 
What is a Tier 1 Solar Panel?
When choosing a solar system, the quality of the components to be used is a key consideration. 
“Tier 1” is NOT a brand; Tier 1 classification is a measure of industry acceptance.
There are a few tiers measurements. Bloomberg has a list of solar module brands ranked “Tier 1” which Australian solar companies commonly refer to.
At Aussie Hybrid Solar, we strongly suggest customers choose Tier 1 solar panels for the solar power system.




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